Wed. Oct 28th, 2020

The Disney+ Star Wars Versions Appear to be the Current Blu-ray Cuts

With Disney+ just two months away, people are starting to wonder what versions of the Star Wars movies will stream on the service. While some are being realistic and realizing it’ll be the same that we have on disc and digital right now, there are those holding out hope for non-Special Edition cuts.

Based on the test going on in the Netherlands, the versions being streamed are the current Blu-rays, and they even use the most-recent Blu-ray reissue art on the app:

The icons for the Star Wars movies on Disney+ from r/StarWars

Despite endless false rumors every time there’s a new version of the Original Trilogy being released, there’s never been any hard evidence that Lucasfilm wishes to go against George Lucas and reissue the original theatrical cuts.