Theaters Are Receiving a Run Time for The Rise of Skywalker Meaning Tickets are Imminent

Prior to advanced tickets being put on sale for an upcoming movie, theaters must have a run time for the film in order to block out showtimes in their system. It doesn’t have to be a final run time, just something that’s approximately what they expect the movie to be so they can block out enough time for the commercials before, the movie, and cleaning the auditorium.

This weekend theater chains across the US are beginning to receive a run time for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker; meaning that ticket sales will be beginning very soon.

The run time they have is 155 minutes, or 2 hours and 35 minutes. This is not the final run time, as the movie is still being edited, but it’s close to what the final movie will be. Again, it’s what’s needed for theaters to block the correct amount of time in their system for showtimes. Usually, the final movie will end up being a few minutes shorter, as it’s better to have a little more time to program showtimes than less.

Earlier in the week, Black Series Rebels said they heard that the trailer would arrive on the 21st, then someone on the AMC A-List subreddit posted that the tickets would be the same day. Based on theaters now receiving a run time; there’s no reason to doubt that date at this point. Meaning, we have just a week to go until we’ll have the new trailer and tickets on sale.