Disney is Trying a New Strategy to Make China Like Star Wars

Something people like to bring up to claim that “Disney killed Star Wars” is the franchise’s performance in China. What those people don’t know is why the franchise doesn’t perform well in the country, but of course they don’t need to be informed to make stupid statements on YouTube.

Basically for the entirety of Star Wars existence; the franchise wasn’t seen in China. I mean, the story of the original trilogy is about a ragtag band of rebels overthrowing an oppressive empire. You can see how that wouldn’t really be allowed there.

So you have an entire country that didn’t grow up with Star Wars like everyone else did, so when the seventh episode of a series came out over there; they simply didn’t react to it in the same way as rest of the world.

Today The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Disney has partnered with Tencent to publish Star Wars books in China. They’re going to translate forty existing books, and then make an original story for China set in the Star Wars universe.

Will using novels make people in China like the franchise everyone else in the world has been familiar with for more than 40 years? We’ll have to see if this new strategy works for them, because they really want that China money for Star Wars.