You Can Thank George Lucas for ‘Maclunkey’

This morning as people around the world are watching Disney+, many are noticing that the 4K versions of the Original Trilogy on the service have additional tweaks beyond the Blu-Ray releases of 2011. One thing people are really freaking out about is that Greedo says “Maclunkey” before shooting at Han.

While I’m sure some people are firing up their webcams to make angry YouTube videos blaming Disney for this, the changes were actually done by George Lucas years ago. Pablo Hidalgo explained on his Twitter that they were done as part of a 4K restoration in anticipation of a 3D theatrical re-release that never happened:

There are other tweaks beyond the new Greedo line that everyone is freaking out about, but it wasn’t Disney that did it. Think of this as George’s final touch on the movies.