RUMOR: Doctor Aphra Might Be Getting a TV Series

The Mandalorian is a huge hit, the Obi-Wan show has a talented director and will begin filming next summer, and Cassian is still on the way. But those aren’t the only Star Wars series coming to Disney+. CEO Bob Iger confirmed at their last earnings call that they have more Star Wars series in various forms of development beyond those three we know of. One of those might be very popular with comic fans.

I’ve learned that one of those mystery shows might involve Doctor Aphra. If you’re unfamiliar with her, she’s an insanely-popular character created for the new era of canon Marvel Star Wars comics. It’s not known if it’d be her on solo series, or if she’d be featured in a different series with other characters.

Doctor Aphra worked for Darth Vader in the comics prior to going off on her own, in the post-A New Hope era. She has two really awesome companion droids that are like an evil version of Artoo and Threepio. Think of her as sort of a female Indiana Jones in the Star Wars universe with two homicidal droids backing her up.

With both Marvel Studios and Lucasfilm producing new shows for the Disney+ platform, it actually wouldn’t be surprising if the two come together on a collaboration that brings a character created in Marvel’s Star Was comics to the screen. It would also be a live action version of an original character who still has a very popular on-going comic series.