Star Wars: Underworld Test Footage Surfaces

In 2010, before Lucasfilm was sold by Disney, George Lucas was developing a live-action television show called Star Wars: Underworld. They commissioned scripts with the goal of having 100 one-hour episodes.

Unfortunately in 2010 the technology didn’t exist to do Revenge of the Sith-level VFX affordably, and they estimated that each episode could cost up to $50 million. That’s money that Lucasfilm simply couldn’t spend on 100 episodes of Star Wars.

But, without that we probably wouldn’t have The Mandalorian as that hurdle sparked the development of the VFX tech that was used to make that show a reality. Now we have a look at some test footage from Star Wars: Underworld.

Shot by Stargate Studios for Lucasfilm, it’s just a short test showing what the show could’ve looked like. Remember, this is ten years old and for something in 2010 it’s pretty impressive: